Tips to sell houses fast in Buffalo, New York

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If you are selling your house in Buffalo, New York and you need to know how to sell houses

in Buffalo, New York, then may be helpful.

Instead of hiring a professional real estate agent ,use these tricks to sell your home faster for less.

  • Get a good home stager. A home stager will come in, price your house correctly, help you evaluate and purge your furnishings, move the furniture around based on how people will walk through the rooms, and stage your house for pictures. It costs about 65 dollars per hour for a professional home stager. If you are listing with a real estate agent, then you can use that agent’s free staging consultation as a guide instead of paying money to have someone come into your house.

For Selling Houses Fast In Buffalo

  • Lower your asking price by up to 10%. The best time to lower the price of your house is right before it officially hits the market after staging. When potential buyers go see your home compared to other houses on the market, they will notice the staged house. These buyers are often looking for a bargain and when they see that your house is staged, they will be more likely to think it’s in good condition, which is why you should lower the price before you put it on the market.
  • Create competition with multiple offers. When your house has been staged, start getting offers at lower than listed prices and have multiple offers so there are more of them to deal with when negotiating. This signals that there is competition and that you have done a good job staging the property.
  • Offer something extra for an offer. If someone makes an offer, then consider offering a small gift for that buyer such as a bottle of wine or even some decorative items like artificial plants. This will make the buyer feel special and it shows good faith on your part.
  • Negotiate the price of the offer from highest to lowest. When you get multiple offers, start at the highest price and work your way down to where you’re comfortable with each offer until you find an acceptable amount.

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