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Although selling a house involves the seller receiving money, there are a number of costs that are incurred by the seller as well, thus reducing the profitability of the sale. This is because individuals are required to pay for a variety of different steps in the process. Whether they conduct the sale on their own or with the guidance of a real estate agent, they would still have to spend money on maintaining the house, giving a percentage of the profit to the agent, and probably spending money on promoting the house itself to potential clients. Thus an individual should consider the alternative option of a home buyer.

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Financial advantages

  • No fees involved – The major difference between a home buyer and a real estate agent is that an individual would not have to pay for the service itself. A real estate agent requires a cut of the money earned from the sale of the house in the form of a commission, and thus the individual would lose out on that amount of money. The percentage of the total money charged would also differ based on the agent, and thus a home buyer proves to be a better option.
  • No need to pay for house maintenance – Another reason why a home buyer proves to be a better option financially is because of the considerable amount an individual may need to spend in maintaining their house if they sell it on their own or through a real estate agent. They would need to organize the personnel on their own as well as negotiate the prices.
  • Cash offers with no strings attached – After applying to a home buyer, the individual will be offered different financial deals according to the value of the house. They are free to choose among them, or not, based on their preferences.


One of the many reasons why the popularity of a home buyer as an option for selling a house is growing is because of the financial perks of engaging with a service like, and how it overall helps save an individual time and effort together.

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